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Corporation of the City of Guelph (Guelph Museums)
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Guelph Museums, part of the City of Guelph's Culture and Tourism department, operates the City of Guelph's municipal museum sites, including the Guelph Civic Museum, Locomotive 6167, and McCrae House National Historic Site. Guelph Museums helps to build an exceptional City by collaborating with the community to make Guelph a great place to be. Its mandate is to care for and share with the community the artifacts, stories and treasures in the community that give people a sense of place.

Project Name:
McCrae 150
Project Description:
This application is for “McCrae 150”, a multi-dimensional commemoration of Lt. Col. John McCrae during the 150th anniversary of the year of his birth, taking place April 30 to December 4, 2022 at various venues in Guelph (“Witnessing War” has opened earlier than planned as a result of an unexpected opening in the exhibition schedule). The project will feature exhibitions, events, and digital engagements that reflect on McCrae’s life of service above self, and his enduring impact through military, medical, and artistic pursuits. Programming will include: (1) "Witnessing War”, an exhibition at Guelph Civic Museum (April 30 to December 4): an exhibition that takes a closer look at McCrae’s drawings, in graphite and ink, and features drawings, paintings and sculptures by local and national artists; (2) “McCrae in the Mirror”, a new play by Canadian musician and actor Mike Ford, presented at the McCrae House Backyard Theatre (July 7-16) and will include a video-stream presentation that will run until November 30; (3) “McCrae 150 International Symposium” (November 26): a full- day conference featuring lectures and performances on themes related to McCrae’s life and service; and (4) “Ridge”, a musical by Brendan McLeod, presented at River Run Centre (December 6): A musical storytelling show that probes questions about how and why we grieve.
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Southwestern Ontario
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