Decision Making

OCAF’s active and committed volunteer Board members protect the public interest by participating in funding decisions and by providing guidance on policy matters.

OCAF staff review Stage 1 applications for eligibility. Those organizations mitapotek with projects determined eligible move to Stage 2.

At Stage 2, staff makes detailed assessments of applications, including review of financial statements and other grant applications as well as discussions with community and artistic partners. Recommendations are made to the OCAF Board of Directors. All investment decisions are made by the Board, and applicants are notified immediately following the Board meeting (one of six annual meetings).

The decision might be an outright approval of all or part of the amount requested, an approval with conditions, a deferral pending further information, or a denial. If denied, applicants may reapply to the program with another eligible project without waiting the requisite two-year period.

The OCAF Program Guide provides all the relevant information about the application process, including assessment criteria, repayment formulae, success indicators and benchmarks.