Event Details

Organization Name: Canadian Museum of  Hindu Civilization
Organization Website Link: http://www.cmohc.ca

Project Name: Festival of India
Project Description:

The three-day festival will provide a place for people of Ontario to learn more about India and its rich cultural heritage. Several exhibitions will be part of the festival, as well as other daytime activities such as (i) Yoga; (ii) lectures on Ayurveda; (iii) a puppet show and folk dances; (iv) documentaries; (iv) a fashion show; (vi) palm reading and astrology. There will also be a live performance each evening. Food Stalls and vendors will also be present during the weekend.

Project Website Link http://cmohc.com/home/index.php
City: Richmond Hill
Region: Central Ontario
Start Date: 2007-08-24
End Date: 2007-08-26
Amount Funded: $35,000.00
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