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Organization Name: Corporation of the City of Toronto
Organization Website Link: http://www.toronto.ca
Twitter https://twitter.com/TorontoComms

Project Name: Nuit Blanche 2024
Project Description:

This application is for “Nuit Blanche 2024”, taking place October 5 to 6 with an extended project program running until October 13, 2024, ensuring visitors are able to experience select projects beyond the overnight event component. The18th edition of Nuit Blanche will feature works by local, national and international artists that explore the multifaceted ways we experience and understand distance, while also reimaging how we can bridge distance through art. Led by newly appointed Artistic Director Laura Nanni, the event will explore the theme of Bridging Distance with a key geographical focus to include Toronto’s expansive waterfront. Programming will include:

(1) Waterfront West Exhibition: “The Weight of Levity”, Curated by Su-Ying Lee: situated around the revitalized Canadian Malting Company Silos, Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto Music Garden, and waters of Lake Ontario, The Weight of Levity adjoins with the theme Bridging Distance through the examination of the physical and emotional distance between. The exhibition will include the world premiere of a Mexican/Argentinian artist Carolina Fusilier’s, Ampiphoda Songs, a choreographed live music installation that will float on the waters of Lake Ontario; Ramp, a new large-scale interactive sculpture by Canadian/US duo Atanas Bozdarov and A.S.M. Kobayashi inviting collaboration with local skateboard and disability communities; the North American debut of UK-based Sophie Clements’ video installation, How We Fall; a continuous screening of Vietnamese Canadian filmmaker Carol Nguyen’s documentary No Crying at the Dinner Table; interactive installation, Closer Together, by Julia Jamrozik and Corin Kempster; large-scale digital installation Distance to Mars, Distance Between Us, by Manifesto Lab; and the Toronto premiere of Tsimshian/Gitksan/Cree artist Skeena Reece’s Scared Clown, expanded into a 12-hour durational work, including local Indigenous performing artists;

(2) Waterfront Central Exhibition: “Our Celebration”, Curated by Syrus Marcus Ware, Situated around H2O Park, Harbourfront Centre, and the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, the exhibition explores the waterfront as a site for the celebration of traditionally underrecognized communities who have often inhabited the lakeshore as a space for activism, performance, community festivals and parades. Evan Ifekoya will be collaborating with local Black, queer, Jamaican artist and scholar Alanna Stuart on a Toronto version of the project. Elicser Elliot, an award-winning Black, Toronto-based, aerosol artist who also works in large scale soft sculpture, animation and video will collaborate with Chanson Yeboah, a local Black, queer and disabled textile artist known for creating larger than life knitted and crocheted sculptures that explore Blackness and queer sexuality. Micha Cardenas, a multidisciplinary artist, a Latinx, disabled, trans woman whose work involves speculative fiction, textile art, video and VR will come together with queer Chinese artist Mishann Lau to collaborate on a set of interactive video installations connecting different physical sites of the city. The exhibition will additionally feature new site-specific installations by Canadian artistic duo 65 SQM, Barbados/ Canadian artist Kara Springer, and US/ Canadian artist Sandy Hudson;

(3) Waterfront East Exhibition: “Cat’s Cradle”, Curated by Danica Pinteric. Inspired by the popular children’s string game, Cat’s Cradle is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores the connective tissues linking traditions, materials, and cultures in the networked present. Works in this exhibition, situated between Sherbourne Common, the George Brown College Waterfront Campus, and Sugar Beach, will echo the process-oriented, incremental, and relational qualities of the Cat’s Cradle, highlighting co-authorship and transformation as vital strategies for connecting public life. The exhibition will include a newly commissioned durational dance performance by Italian/Netherlands choreographer Michele Rizzo developed with local performers; an interactive, sand-based ephemeral installation by Toronto-based artist Shannon Garden Smith; a restaging of To Score the Marvelous/Chorus by Canadian/US lens-based artist Anique Jordan; durational performance and video installation Fatherless Hymn, Motherless Cacophony, Figureless Cradle, by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang; interactive new media work 星星 (Sing Sing), by Germaine Liu; and a newly commissioned multi-channel video installation by Nour Bishouty;

(4) Nuit Neighbourhoods: Beyond the waterfront, Nuit Neighbourhoods will continue to be activated across the city with support from the major institutional partners and independent projects (tbc);

(5) Independent Projects: Up to 35 Independent Projects will be included in Nuit Blanche 2024. Of particular note is the ongoing relationship with Humber College in South Etobicoke, which will feature an Independent Projects Hub on their waterfront campus as part of the 2024 activities;

(6) Nuit Connects, is a paid artist residency program cocreated by EDC, Doris McCarthy Gallery and University of Toronto Scarborough;

(7) Nuit Talks, a series of pop-up talks and Q&As; and

(8) Extended Projects: Up to 12 projects will be included in the Extended Projects program in 2024 (tbc).

City: Toronto
Region: Toronto
Start Date: 2024-10-05
End Date: 2024-10-13
Amount Funded: $150,000.00
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