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Organization Name: Science North
Organization Description:

Science North is guided by its mandate to: offer a program of science learning; across Northern Ontario; operate a science centre; operate a mining technology and earth sciences centre; sell consulting services, exhibits and media productions to support the centre’s developmentfilm production, “Wonders of the Arctic” at the IMAX cinema during the run of the exhibition.

Organization Website Link: http://www.sciencenorth.on.ca
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ScienceNorth
Twitter https://twitter.com/ScienceNorth

Project Name: Lego Brick Masters Studio
Project Description:

Science North is gearing up for an incredible 2025 tourism season with Brick Masters Studio, a series of

exciting activities and events anchored by the 600sqm LEGO® Brick Masters Studio travelling exhibition.

LEGO® Brick Masters Studio is an immersive and interactive experience that explores the intersection of

creativity and science through captivating sculptures built with LEGO® bricks by acclaimed artist Sean

Kenney. Visitors will uncover the scientific principles and processes behind the creation of LEGO®

artwork and experiment with the colours, shapes and structures found in nature and engineering.

The Brick Masters Studio program of events will fully immerse visitors of all ages in the amazing possibilities

that arise when we combine art and science into STEAM!

City: Sudbury
Region: Northern Ontario
Start Date: 2025-02-21
End Date: 2025-09-01
Amount Funded: $150,000.00
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