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Friends of the Markham Museum
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Landslide: Possible Futures
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This project is a collaboration between the Markham Museum and Public Access. The goal is to create conversations about our planet-in-transition by exploring themes of sustainability, urbanization, land use, food and farming. This project will re-imagine what it means to live sustainably in Markham, a rapidly urbanizing area with prime agricultural land and one of North Americas most diverse communities. Organizers have invited over 30 international, national, and local artists who work in a variety of artistic media (from sculpture to data visualization) to transform the space at the Markham Museums Heritage site. Iain Baxter's participation has been confirmed. By presenting creative and challenging artworks outside of a typical gallery setting, Landslide will contribute to a growing public dialogue within Markham, Toronto, the GTA, Canada and internationally about how we live in and plan for a planet in transition.
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Centre de l'Ontario
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30 000.00$