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Jardins botaniques royaux
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The Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) was established in 1941 by an act of the provincial government. RBG is recognized in Canada and throughout the world for its unique contribution to the collection, research, conservation, exhibition and interpretation of the plant world. It is one of the world's largest botanical gardens, including five gardens and four nature sanctuaries on over 2,700 acres of cultivated gardens and natural lands protected from the industrial and suburban encroachment of Canada’s most urbanized area.
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Battle of the Titans Exhibit
Description du projet
This application is for the new major exhibition entitled "Battle of the Titans" that will be premiering at RBG. This new blockbuster exhibition, developed by RBG, will recreate an encounter between two large dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Triceratops, based on newly found evidence that revealed that these two large predators actually confronted each other. Designed to entertain and educate audiences at the same time, the exhibit will bring to life these two dinosaurs and their environment. Audiences will be invited to explore the relationship between species with an emphasis on predator-prey relationships, including plants. This exhibition will have an emphasis on the dinosaurs era environment and flora, and RBG will provide plant life recreation and plant science to accompany the dinosaurs displays and use the opportunity to educate visitors about plant genealogy, plant-based ecology and preservation.
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Centre de l'Ontario
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150 000.00$