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Fall For Dance North Festival Inc.
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Incorporated in 2013, Fall for Dance North (FFDN) is one of Toronto’s newest dance festivals. Founded in response to the crucial need to fortify the dance audience of the future, FFDN attracts new audiences to experience a diversity of the best established and emerging dance happening in Toronto, across Canada and around the world. Their mandate is to reflect Toronto’s multiculturalism, create an atmosphere of shared discovery, and entice people to attend live dance performance throughout the year. A democratic spirit underpins the festival concept, bringing a wide selection of top quality dance for only $15 per seat. The first two editions of the Festival attracted an audience of 18,106 and the free master-classes, artist panels and showcase attracted a combined attendance of 1,416.
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Fall for Dance North 150 Program
Description du projet
This application is for “Fall for Dance North 150 Program”, taking place at the Sony Centre and Union Station in Toronto, from September 11 to October 7, 2017. The third edition of the Festival will be reduced from four to three days of paid programming due to availability at the Sony, but will be adding free public programming at Union Station for the first time. Programming will include: (1) Three commissioned pieces themed around the Canada’s sesquicentennial: (i) Associate Choreographer of the National Ballet of Canada, Rob Binet, will present a performance inspired by abstract expressionist painter, Agnes Martin and her belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to conjure “abstract emotion”. The yet to be titled piece will be accompanied by live music; (ii) Charlie Moulton’s “Ball Passing Project” will performed with its largest ever cast (72 dancers and non-dancers from the Toronto community); and (iii) a remount of “The Four Heavenly Kings” by Chinese-Canadian choreographer William Yong with a new composition performed live by Taiko drumming group Nagata Shachu; (2) Six other companies will be included in the ticketed programming (October 4-6): (i) Guangzhou Ballet from China (Guangzhou, China) with choreography by Canadian dancemaker Peter Quanz; (ii) Gauthier Dance (Stuttgart, Germany) with choreography by the company’s Canadian founder and artistic director Eric Gauthier; (iii) Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (Toronto) with 15 Heterosexual Duets by James Kudelka, with live music by Toronto’s celebrated Art of Time Ensemble; (iv) Chinese traditional dance artist Dong Mei (Vancouver, Canada); (v) Ballet Jazz Montreal with choreographies by Itzik Galili and Rodrigo Pederneiras (of Grupo Corpo); an (vi) “Mix Mix Collective” (street/urban dance) with live music by DJ Classic Roots; and (3) Free programming at Union Station (four events over four days September 16 to October 7): (i) September 16 - three dancers from National Ballet of Canada will perform a series of solo work in the West Wing of Union Station; (ii) September 25 - FFDN will set up a 'transp(o)arent studio', turning the West Wing into a make-shift dance studio for one full day. 3 dance companies will each 'rehearse' on this stage for 2 hours between 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, 4-6pm; (iii) October 3 - A 'dance battle' between house/hip hop/breaking/wacking/voguing dancers and different indigenous dancers will take place with a DJ providing live mixed music in the West Wing; and (iv) October 7 - FFDN’s 72 person “Ball Passing Project” will be performed on the outdoor plaza of Union Station and the National Ballet School’s Sharing Dance 2017 dance routine will be performed either on the outdoor plaza or in the West Wing.
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50 000.00$