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Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County
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The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County (MCC) was founded in 1973 to act as an umbrella organization of community-based groups and organizations involved in cultural sensitivity, anti-racism promotion and education, newcomer integration, intercultural education and cultural retention. MCC has organized an annual three- weekend festival since 1976, “Carrousel of Nations,” celebrating the arts through ethno-cultural music, dance, exhibits, and arts and crafts.
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Project Name:
45th Anniversary of the Carrousel of Nations
Project Description:
This application is for “45th Anniversary of the Carrousel of Nations”, expanded and enhanced programming taking place on the third and fourth weekends in June (June 19 to 28, 2020) in a wide variety of venues in Windsor, LaSalle, Leamington and the Town of Essex. The 2020 festival will be free as always, and will include a focus on enhancing the visitor experience and attracting more visitors to the region. Programming includes 25 unique villages featuring artistic programs and cultural displays. Village operations are run by volunteers, with oversight provided by the MCC. Featured cultures include: Bavarian, Caribbean, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Scottish, Serbian, Slovak, Caldwell First Nation, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, African, Chinese, Filipino, and German.
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Southwestern Ontario
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