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Festival canadien des tulipes
Description de l'organisme
The Canadian Tulip Festival was founded in 1951 to host a variety of events in Ottawa celebrating tulips, and has become the largest tulip festival in the world. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the Tulip Festival is among the top 10 tourism festivals in Ontario.
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A World of Tulips
Description du projet
This application is for “A World of Tulips”, a series of new and enhanced programming taking place at several locations in Ottawa from May 11 to May 21, 2018. The 2018 Festival will highlight the organization’s international network of Tulip Friendship Countries. Having expanded to several new sites in 2017, organizers have planned new and enhanced programming for 2018, including; (1) Commissioners Park: (i) guided tours will be enhanced with additional historical content about Ottawa’s tulip history; (ii) photography workshops featuring professional photographers Paul Carisse, Michelle Valberg, and John McQuarrie; (iii) a “Tulip Bistro” will provide visitors a place to sample the Festival’s official wine, Tulip Julip cocktail, and edible tulip food samples provided by chefs of partner restaurants; (iv) a new ticketed ferris wheel will provide an opportunity for visitors to see the tulips from the air; (v) the “Dows Lake Pavilion Tulip Boardwalk” located adjacent to Commissioners Park will transform the existing boardwalk into a tulip experience boardwalk and will be enhanced by a Victoria Day fireworks display. There will be a shuttle from downtown to Commissioners Park; (2) Lansdowne Park: (i) additional programming and art installations; (ii) transformation of the Great Lawn area into the “Lansdowne Park Great Tulip Lawn” (special garden made up of 193 5’ tulips hand painted by artists); (iii) the “World Tulip Friendship Village” where local communities and cultural associations of the friendship countries to work with their embassies to showcase their tulip culture; (iv) “Tulip Crush” video game world championship final; (v) “Tulip Soirée”, tulip-themed theatre performances with tulip petal tasting; (vi) Interactive Family Fun Zone where parents and children can spend time creating their tulip symbols of friendship (vii) “World Tulip Maze”; (viii) “Istanbul Tulip Carpet”, a 40 by 20 foot Turkish tulip carpet will be created and displayed on the Lawn; (ix)”Tonami Tulip Mountain”, in collaboration with Japan’s Tonami Tulip Fair, it will provide visitors insight into Japan’s tulip story; and (x) a “Floral Bicycle Parade”; (3) ByWard Market: (i) “Tiptoe Through a World of Tulips Art Installation”; (ii) Artist Meet & Greet with Featured Artist, Monique Martin; (iii) “Tulips by Night”, where tulip artworks will be projected onto surfaces all around the Market; (iv) a scavenger hunt involving market merchants; and Garden Promenade: (I) “Yoga in the Tulips”; and (ii) “Tulip Festival Table d’Hôte” featuring tulip dishes and the official Tulip Julip Cocktail.
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100 000.00$