Organization Name:
Science North
Organization Description:
Science North is guided by its mandate to: offer a program of science learning; across Northern Ontario; operate a science centre; operate a mining technology and earth sciences centre; sell consulting services, exhibits and media productions to support the centre’s developmentfilm production, “Wonders of the Arctic” at the IMAX cinema during the run of the exhibition.
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Project Name:
Experience the Thrill
Project Description:
This application is for “Experience the Thrill!”, a series of activities and events related to the extreme action sports, taking place March 3 to September 3, 2018 in Sudbury. Programming will include: (1) The 600 square meter “Beyond Human Limits” travelling exhibit produced by Science North where visitors will learn about the science, creativity and innovation inherent in extreme sports. Stories and experiences that showcase the diversity of extreme athletes, their unique motivations and perceptions of risk will be shared through a series of immersive and stimulating programs and interactive activities; (2) The “Science Café” conversation series on the topic of risk and reward, at the Taphouse Northern Grill and Pub; (3) Curriculum-based educational and hands-on workshops for elementary and secondary school students from March to June in the Exhibition Hall; (4) An “Adventure Speaker Series” featuring seven educational talks by leading extreme sports athletes in the Vale Cavern; (5) A series of themed workshops including topics such as personality testing, adrenaline experiences, and physical performance testing (various locations in the facility); (6) An adventure-focused “Wild and Scenic Film festival” in the Atlas Copco Theatre; (7) The Telus Cup, Canada’s National Midget Hockey Championship will be help in Sudbury in 2018 and organizers have invited players to the site to engage with visitors; (8) A meet and greet evening allowing visitors to meet with local sport suppliers and enthusiasts and try real extreme sport equipment; (9) On-site extreme sport activities such as an outdoor inflatable obstacle course and a “waterball” challenge pool; and (10) live streaming of key events of the 2018 Summer X Games in the Exhibit Hall.
Northern Ontario
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