Organization Name:
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Organization Description:
The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition exists to advance the knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts through the organization of an annual outdoor art fair and exhibition, and related programming. The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is Canada’s largest and longest running outdoor art fair, showcasing the work of over 350 artists and 100,000 visitors annually.
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Project Name:
The Hanging Gardens
Project Description:
This application is for an enhancement to the 2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: “The Hanging Gardens”. Taking place July 12 to 14, 2017 in Nathan Phillips Square. In collaboration with PLANT Architects, the new stage at the west end of the square will be transformed into a hanging garden of sculptures interwoven with plants and will be animated with a variety of programming, including: (1) “The Wedding Brigade”, a large-scale contemporary dance performance by Karen Kaeja featuring 150 everyday women and men; (2) “h2geneous – The Great Canadian Selfie”, an interactive, participatory media project by Tony Saad that will invite artists and visitors to create a portrait of Canada’s diversity; and (3) “Family Programming”, including Small Print’s “The Greening of Mouse City”, which will bring young urban planners together to explore environmental growth in an urban setting by building a green city out of construction paper over the course of two days. The event will also include Henderson Brewing Company’s Beer Garden, featuring the signature Canada 150th beer exclusive to TOAE.
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