Consultation Tour

In 2010, OCAF received an infusion of an additional $10 million over three years from the Government of Ontario.  With these new resources, OCAF Board and staff determined they should consult with fund applicants from the previous five years to determine:

  • What was going well with the program in its current form;
  • What could be done better; and
  • Whether there were new directions that should be considered within the existing program mandate.

From January to March 2011, OCAF consulted with clients through a survey and roundtable discussions.  The consultation findings led OCAF to implement some incremental changes to the program benchmarks and requirements with a view to making the program more accessible. The new guidelines and application forms reflecting these changes came into effect in January 2012 and you can view them elsewhere on this site.  The consultation identified additional areas for potential program enhancement and service delivery. The Board requested further consultation, aimed at both former clients and organizations that have not previously accessed the program.

In April 2012, OCAF staff hosted a series of roundtable discussions across the province with a view to:

  • Introduce OCAF to new cultural organizations who are unfamiliar with the program; and informing previous clients about the recent changes to the program benchmarks and requirements
  • Obtaining feedback from the cultural community about potential new components to the program and client services
  • Promoting the new/planned website and social media applications

Please click here to access the documents distributed at the roundtables: