Board and Staff

OCAF’s active and committed volunteer Board members protect the public interest by participating in funding decisions and by providing guidance on policy matters.

OCAF Board Members

John D. McKellar, C.M., Q.C. – Chair (Toronto) Bio
Maxine Bailey (Toronto) Bio
Rita Davies (Toronto) Bio
Donna Gilhooly Thunder Bay Bio
Paul Hoffert, C.M. (Toronto) Bio
Vikas Kohli (Mississauga) Bio
Michael M. Koerner, C.M. – Treasurer and Secretary (Toronto) Bio
Harvey Andrew McCue, M.A. (Ottawa) Bio
Robert Sirman (Toronto) Bio
Gillain Smith Bio
Nalini Stewart, O.Ont. – Vice Chair (Toronto) Bio
Dr. Thomas H.B. Symons, C.C., O.Ont., FRSC, KSS (Peterborough) Bio
Rochelle Tepperman (Windsor) Bio

Past OCAF Members

Dr. Murray Frum, C.M., Founding Chair
The Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander, P.C., C.C., O.Ont., Q.C.
Joan Chalmers, C.C., O.Ont.
Tony Comper, C.M.
Martha Durdin
Julia Foster
Judith Gelber
Allan Gotlieb, C.C.
Mina Grossman-Ianni
The Hon. Henry N.R. Jackman, C.M., O.Ont.
Victoria Jackman
John B. Lawson, C.M., Q.C.
Jane Panet
Lucille Roch
William Somerville, O.Ont.
Brian J. Steck
Joseph M. Tanenbaum, C.M.

In keeping with the OCAF Board’s commitment to ensure that the maximum funds possible go towards new cultural tourism projects, the Fund has a very small administrative staff. This helps to extend the Fund’s life for as long as possible.

OCAF Staff

Kathleen Sharpe, Executive Director Bio

Thomas Vaughan, Associate Director
Phone: 416-969-7449

Toll Free: 1-800-386-8029